High-Speed Business Internet

Wireless Internet from e-vergent for Plato Center and Surrounding Areas

Businesses across the Plato Center area rely on e-vergent‘s dedicated internet service to power all of their company’s needs. We offer customizable download and upload speeds backed by a 99.999% Service Level Agreement. Our Business Internet plans are perfect for Plato Center area businesses. Even in the most rural areas, our service goes where other companies cannot. With nearly two dozen towers in the Genoa area, e-vergent delivers the power your business needs from wireless internet at a price you can afford.

Many Plato Center area businesses are migrating their key business applications to the “cloud”, creating the need for uninterrupted access to online CRM, ERP, or basic office functions. Having sufficient cost-effective bandwidth for peak usage times is a necessity. The e-vergent network is ideally suited to guarantee access through its 100% diverse to the wired infrastructure and bandwidth scalable architecture. Coupled with minimal buildout costs, e-vergent Business Internet means that our customers have access to plenty of affordable bandwidth when they need it.

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Benefits of e-vergent Business Internet

  • Local company, local support, local service
  • Choose your dedicated bandwidth
  • 99.999% Service Level Agreement
  • 24 x 7 Network Monitoring and Support

  • Same speed, lower installation costs than fiber
  • Cost-effective backup to fiber internet
  • 5 minutes or less of downtime per year
  • Straight-forward installation process

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Fast, Affordable Broadband Internet for the Plato Center Area

  • Afton
  • Clare
  • Creston
  • DeKalb

  • Fairdale
  • Genoa
  • Kingston
  • Kirkland

  • Malta
  • Maple Park
  • Monroe Center
  • Sycamore

Local Company. Local Support. Local Service.

Try as we might to avoid it, things do break and require service. As a local company based out of Racine with a field office in Huntley, IL, we are never far away from Plato Center. Our 4 hour repair resolution policy means necessary repairs will never take longer than 4 hours. Unlike national providers, there are no hoops to jump through. We just fix the problem.

We actively monitor our network infrastructure and SLA customer connections, anticipating and addressing problems before they affect your business. If your business experiences a problem, our Huntley and Racine, WI service teams have full access into our routers and network equipment to quickly evaluate your situation. During off-hours, a highly trained 1st level support center manages service challenges 24×7.

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