locally supported 1024x349 - About Us

How we got started:

Our roots go back to 1995 when we offered dialup internet service as Wisconsin Internet.  In 2001 we started e-vergent and launched our fixed wireless product.  Pretty quickly we identified a niche market in rural areas that lacked access to other forms of residential broadband.  We started in our home town in Wisconsin and through some acquisitions, we entered the Northern Illinois market.

Present endeavors:

Delivering a high-quality Internet experience and exceptional customer care is very important to us.  We operate a carrier-grade network spanning 10 counties in Wisconsin and Illinois.  Businesses are starting to realize the advantages of working with a nimble and capable ISP and we have moved into business parks and suburban areas to meet their needs.

Customer relations:

Technology is one thing but the people are what really make the company.  You can expect a one to one relationship with us.  Technical and billing calls alike are handled by local people who are empowered to help you.  A small company is held to a higher standard and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Core Values:

  1. We’re prepared and organized
  2. We’re engaged and take initiative
  3. We’re honest and do the right thing
  4. We’re quality minded
  5. We’re team players