Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems – Why Your Business Needs VoIP

Looking to save some money? VoIP phone systems can reduce business costs and provide additional features. We’ll cover the basics of VoIP telephony, how VoIP can save you money and the great benefits that come from moving your phone system online.

What is VoIP?

Business Phone 300x177 - Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems – Why Your Business Needs VoIPVoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means voice transmissions are sent over the Internet. This differs from a traditional phone line. With a VoIP phone system, pieces of information (your voice) are broken down and transmitted to the receiver, just like a computer sending and receiving information from a server as you browse the Internet.

A traditional phone line establishes a connection between two parties and transmits information. For a business this means having phone lines running throughout the office. Which leads us into the biggest way VoIP can save your business money.

No More Phone Lines

Running new phone lines is an expensive process and can be avoided. Your business already has an Internet connection and you can use that connection to power your phone systems. If you’re expanding or moving into a new building, you don’t need to hire a company and run phone lines throughout your building. Simply, contact e-vergent to get a VoIP system set up with your current Internet connection.


A VoIP phone system gets rid of your traditional phone bill. Instead, your phone system bill is just another part of your Internet bill. You’ll no longer be charged by the minutes you use but rather by the bandwidth and number of lines you use, which can be a significantly cheaper option for many businesses. Just make sure you have enough bandwidth on your current plan. Any qualified VoIP installer (like e-vergent) will let you know the expected additional bandwidth your business will need.

If you have employees or customers in a foreign country, communicating with them is far more cost effective with a VoIP phone system. The costs of communicating globally across the web are a fraction of calling internationally on a traditional phone line.

Call Forwarding

More than likely, your critical employees already have top-of-the-line technology in their pockets buy generic zithromax. VoIP phone systems allow you to forward business calls to your employees cell phones, so they can take business calls on the move. You can even set call forwarding rules like forward after no answer for 10 seconds. Call forwarding features are simple to set-up and give your customers and employees more power to communicate.

Traditional phone systems are outdated. VoIP phone systems provide cost saving and business productivity benefits with little to no downsides. If you’re ready to make the switch contact e-vergent about our PBX in the Cloud service for businesses.

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