Business Phone Service

Business phone service from e-vergent is a smart option if you are looking for great phone service for your business. We offer premier Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems that are rapidly taking over legacy phone lines. Analog phone lines and outdated digital PBX systems are costly to maintain and require trained technicians to program, which is pricey and time-consuming. A VoIP phone system from e-vergent can give your business greater features, combine your bills, and save your company money.

With an e-vergent VoIP phone system, phone calls are sent over your internet connection, which provides more cost-effective local and long distance calling and conference bridging. Billing is a snap when you combine e-vergent phone service with your existing e-vergent internet service plan. If you’re moving buildings or expanding, it’s far easier to coordinate with only e-vergent than trying to coordinate with multiple companies. Plus, e-vergent business phone systems provide great features like voicemail to email and powerful forwarding rules.

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PBX in the Cloud

Our most popular business phone service plan is called PBX in the Cloud. This plan provides the stability and versatility of a PBX system with its framework in the cloud. This is our most powerful phone plan for businesses. It’s perfect for companies who require a high-performing phone system that is also cost-effective.

PBX Features

  • Conference bridges
  • Phone greeting / auto attendant
  • Transfer calls from phone to phone
  • Hold music
  • Unified messaging

Voicemail Features

  • Voicemail to Email (Listen with your smartphone from anywhere)
  • Record multiple greetings and change them online
  • Remote voicemail access (phone- and web-based)

Call Features

  • Caller ID with name
  • Call waiting ID
  • Voicemail Plus
  • 3-way calling
  • 911 emergency calling

“Follow Me”

  • Set ring duration in seconds
  • Control ‘do not disturb’ functionality
  • Set forwarding rules
    • Always forward
    • If busy forward
    • If no answer forward
  • Ring multiple phones simultaneously

Web Interface

  • Voicemail
  • Call history and records
  • “Follow Me” settings

PBX in the Cloud Pricing

  • Installation fee: $0
  • Phone hardware: PBX in the Cloud includes Polycom 335 phone with power supply for $175 per handset – phone can be upgraded for an extra charge
  • Port fee: $20 per phone number ported
  • Professional programming of features such as auto attendants and forwarding rules, etc is $125 per hour

Monthly fee per handset / line: $26.95


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Fax Line

Dedicated fax lines are also available with the e-vergent phone systems. Each line is $199 for installation and $34.95 per month.

Features include:

  • Dedicated fax line
  • Send and receive faxes reliably over the internet with your current standard fax machine
  • Fax data sent over the connection is encrypted

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