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Wireless Internet from e-vergent for Waukegan, IL

Ditch the big cable companies. Ditch the data caps. Ditch the limited time offers. Switch to reliable, simple internet service with e-vergent. We provide high-speed broadband internet service to Waukegan and surrounding areas. Our pricing and bandwidth packages are competitive to the multi-national cable corporations, but with a local touch. We offer local support, based out of Racine, WI, and more than 90% of our calls are answered within 90 seconds. Get e-vergent internet service and forget the headaches of the big cable companies.

We understand that you have business to conduct and shows to watch. No one wants to put their life on hold for their internet service provider. E-vergent offers powerful broadband internet service coupled with simple and effective customer support. Even if you’re out in the country, you can connect as many devices as you want and still stream video – all at the bandwidth you’re expecting. Make e-vergent your internet service provider and see what it means to have the internet simplified.

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Benefits of e-vergent service

  • Local company, local support, local service
  • Powerful internet even in rural areas
  • More than 90% of calls answered in 90 seconds

  • 5 minutes or less of downtime per year
  • Straight-forward installation process
  • Honest pricing – always
  • Dedicated internet access for SLA customers

Benefits of e-vergent service

Try as we might to avoid it, things do break and require service. As a local company devoted to Waukegan customers, we are committed to getting you back in business as quickly as possible. Unlike national providers, there are no hoops to jump through. We just fix the problem. We actively monitor our network infrastructure, anticipating and addressing problems before they affect your business. If your internet experiences a problem, our local service team has full access into our routers and network equipment to quickly evaluate your situation. We are headquartered in Racine which means we are always near your home or business.

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What does a typical installation look like?

First of all, an e-vergent field technician will come out to your location to determine where and how to mount an antenna on the exterior of your building – typically, this means the roof. We work with you or your building’s management and riser management, if you have those services, to make sure it’s done to the necessary specifications. Ultimately we need to put an antenna on the exterior of the building and connect a wire between the rooftop antenna and your equipment. Depending on the equipment deployed, we will be running an outdoor UV rated ethernet cable or the highest bandwidth services may require a 1/4 inch coaxial cable. All in all, installation is simple and straight-forward. You will never be surprised by a hidden charge or price change.

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