Raymond WI FTTH update 1

This is an update to our earlier post.

Due to feedback on the initial proposal, we have changed the phase 1 deployment area.  There was a lack of positive response from the Raymond Heights area and so we have proposed a deployment to 37 homes in the Sherwood Lane and 60th Street area instead.  We liked the original plan for a number of reasons but obviously the most critical component of making this a reality is that people will purchase the service.  This second area gathered more interest and has a more pressing need as most of the homes are unable to purchase service from any provider other than a cellular hotspot or a satellite connection.

Due to the high cost per home passed of this project we have requested grant assistance from the State of Wisconsin.  We filed an application which has been received.  The competition for the available funds appears to be pretty intense.  There are definitely more requests than money available.  While we remain hopeful of being awarded the funds to help complete this build based on it’s merits, there are a number of scoring criteria.

The process is now in the public comment stage.  A statement from people in the subject area stating their name, address and lack of ability to subscribe to a wired or wireless service despite their desire to do so will go a long way.  The main point is confirming that other options are not available and second why you support this project.  You can file your comments of support herePlease make sure to reference e-vergent, Raymond WI, and PSC REF#:336723 so the comments can be matched up with our application.  Hopefully, we can make this happen and expand the build from the initial phase in the future.

Comments are due by Thursday, February 15th at 4PM: http://apps.psc.wi.gov/vs2015/ERF/comment/filecomment.aspx?util=5&case=BF&num=2018

If you have any questions, we would love to answer them and help: http://e-vergent.com/contact-us/

raymond ftth 1 path 300x261 - Raymond WI FTTH update 1

Submitted Phase 1 area – click to enlarge

raymond1 150x150 - Raymond WI FTTH update 1