Residential Phone Service

Residential phone service from e-vergent is the perfect replacement for a landline. Our phone service uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which means your phone calls are sent over the internet as opposed to hard wires. As a result, installation is a snap! There is no need for lengthy installs and cable running. If you have an internet connection, you already have all you need. Additional benefits to using e-vergent residential phone service – you’ll save money and have less hassle.

Billing is made simple because your phone calls are sent via your current internet connection. Your phone and internet bills come as one. No more dealing with two or more companies. Plus, e-vergent phone lines come with some great features you just can’t get with a landline.

Simplify your life by adding a phone line from e-vergent!

residential phone service - Residential Phone Service

Call Features

  • Caller ID and Call Waiting ID
  • Voicemail Plus
  • 911 Emergency Calling

Voicemail Features

  • Remote Voicemail Access (Web Based)
  • Voicemail to Email (Listen with your smartphone from anywhere)

Web Interface Features

  • Voicemail Access
  • Call History and Records

Residential Phone Service Cost

One-time installation fee of $99 per line which covers number port, ATA, and wiring (if necessary). Cost does not include analog phone and handset. You may need more bandwidth, based on the amount of your phone use.

Cost per month is $24.95.


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