The Trouble With Short Term Fixes

Truck Working on Lines 300x186 - The Trouble With Short Term FixesI was driving near the e-vergent Racine office the other day after one of the recent June storms and saw a familiar sight. There were two phone company trucks working on “the lines.” These trucks flashed me back to the days of dial up Internet when the line quality would degrade every time it rained. Our support lines would ring off the hook because modems wouldn’t connect right. The phone company trucks would hit the streets working on the connections and cleaning things up. That was 1997.

Now in 2014 the big Internet providers are still doing the same things. Since 1997, e-vergent has migrated our network away from copper based T1s and modems to fiber optics and microwave fixed wireless, for enhanced reliability.

Seeing the phone company truck on a rainy night in 2014 was a stark reminder of the cost of short term solutions. All networks have their problems, but applying the same band-aid fixes and maintenance to the same areas for at least 17 years is insane.

Admittedly, Mother Nature can be cruel to electronics and electrical connections. However, this story is not about a line taken down by a tree or a pole. This story is about the little things that impair service on a regular basis that are never really fixed. We’re talking about replacing old parts with old parts, milking a network instead of modernizing it’s infrastructure.

At e-vergent, we work extremely hard to apply long term fixes to any problems that arise. We never settle for “good enough”. Furthermore, we are always looking at ways to learn from the troubles presented by nature. We are constantly improving our installations, deployments and infrastructure.

The Cost of Temporary Fixes

We recently signed up a new business customer that had a T1 and about 10 phone lines through the big phone company. These services cost the company about $1000 per month. We were already working through the paperwork to upgrade their Internet service from 1.5Mbps to 10Mbps and move their phone lines to our hosted PBX system. Suddently their phone service went down.

It wouldn’t be restored for 3 days.

For any business an outage that long is simply unacceptable, especially at that rate. There are no guarantees with Mother Nature, but e-vergent’s proactive, long-term fixes provide more reliability than the phone company’s reactive recovery strategies. That’s the cost of short term fixes and the benefit of long term solutions.

We Can Fix That For You

If you are consistently having issues with your T1 or other copper based service every time it rains or just because it’s Tuesday, give us a call 888-782-1454.

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